New Moon Journal


    "A goal without a plan is only a dream’’ Brian Tracy


    Tomorrow is Tibetan New Year and as New Year is a time for making resolutions I’ve decided to focus this journal on setting intentions.

    I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up with ceremony in my life - art therapy, tarot and women’s gatherings feel natural to me. Ceremonies help brighten dark nights, bring a sense of belonging, are a way of sharing with friends and connecting the spiritual with the physical.

    My family, friends and I have created many ceremonies - one of my favourites is for the New Year, wishes are written onto paper and then folded origami style to form a boat – sometimes we share what we’ve written, sometimes we don’t. We then light a candle, put it in the boat and sail it along with our intentions on the river. We’ve been doing this boat ceremony for many years now, and what I’ve realised is though my wishes were always well intentioned and the ceremony very beautiful, nothing really changed for me. The ceremony itself was the highlight, and the wishes a ‘tag on’ like New Year’s resolutions, I didn’t take it too seriously. To give wishes a better chance to come to fruition - action, and the power of daily intention are needed.

    Below are a couple of techniques I’ve used to help me get my sh*t together, part law of attraction, part goal setting. This isn’t something I was ever taught at school, and yet the techniques have transformational power - if you’ve been struggling like I was, they may make a big difference for you -

    Setting Intentions

    *Create a relaxed environment in which to work. Then brain storm. Get all your dreams out onto paper, it doesn’t matter how big or small, just get them written down.

    * Your intentions need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time framed. Each goal you make needs to touch on each of these key points.

    *Highlight 5 goals for each time frame you think achievable e.g.; 1 years, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years.

    *Once you have them all set out, make an action plan, what can you do today that will get you closer to your 1 year goals, or to your 10 year goals? The more often you ‘check in’ and ‘check course’ with your goals the better your results.

    *If this resonates for you, get more organised by buying a planner - there are some great ones out there - really dig deep and put some structure around your goals, get specific.

    *Once you've created your intention 'map' you may decide to make space for your own ceremony and give some life to your intentions.

    Vision Board

    *The law of attraction is the concept that what we pay attention to, we attract. Research has shown the brain has an information filtering system known as the reticular activating system and vision boards help this part of the brain tune into external stimuli, which in turn help us move toward our goal.

    * To create a vision board, you’ll need – scissors, glue, large board or cardboard (minimum A3), images (from magazines or printed).

    *When I make my own vision board for the year I create a quiet space where I can really feel into what I want from life.

    *Focus on the things you want and how you would like to feel.

    *Look at each area of your life – love, health, wealth and creativity - and think about what you’d like for each area.

    *Collect images that best represent your desires and attach them to the board – You could do this in a methodical way for each aspect of your life – or you may have another way, and that’s fine too.

    * Put your vision board somewhere you can see it every day. You don't always need to have everything figured out on how you'll get to your 'destination', just trust and make steps when it feels right.

    *There’s lots of vision board information online if you want to research further, it’s a great tool for getting more specificity around your goals.

    Points to remember

    *Try to make 90 day incremental goals toward your bigger picture - it’s scientifically proven to take 90 days to form a new habit.

    *Give yourself a reward or celebrate when you are successful - and be specific about what your reward will be.

    *Make your goals juicy, but also obtainable, when they are too big it’s easy to get burnt out and give up. When they aren’t juicy enough you are likely to lose interest.

    *Plan. Make sure you have a ‘road map’ for your intentions, break each goal up into smaller do-able goals and commit to them on paper/diary/calendar.

    *Don’t be too harsh on yourself – remember you are usually your own worst critic. Give yourself the space to reflect on things that aren’t working so well and the things that are and correct course as necessary.

    *A ceremony helps to create space for your intentions, simply lighting a candle is enough, or you could be more elaborate - whatever suits you best.


    This article was written with gratitude for all the wise women that have helped guide me this far ~ I couldn't have done it without them.

    ~ Now it’s your time.

    With love and gratitude,



    P.S. I’d love to hear about your ceremonies, intention setting stories and your wins and fails  - leave your comments in the box below.

    ''Just because it’s your brain doesn’t mean it’s on your side'' Jen Sincero


    What is a ‘Money Block?’

    A money block is anything that holds you back from making the money you want. It’s usually a belief, or set of beliefs held in your subconscious mind that often you’re not even aware of. 

    My Journey. . . .

    Most of last year I told myself I’d write a blog, but I never actually did. Finally, it’s January and I’m sitting down to write. What changed? I did (a little bit anyway). Last year I was challenged with writer's block, inferiority complex, money blocks and just plain procrastinating. It seemed like whenever I sat down to write I’d negate it, and leave it sitting in a pile somewhere. Talking about money - especially if you’re British and at all ‘spiritual’ it seems culturally taboo – being Scottish-born, and raised in a Buddhist community, I tick both of these boxes. Family, friends and the media all have an influence on our subconscious beliefs around money and it’s the stories we’re told, especially in our younger years that set these core beliefs. Here are some of my own money/mindset paradigm stories that were lurking in my subconscious, alongside my upgraded and re-written stories...

    Rich People are Greedy

    My subconscious belief - if you’re wealthy, you’re greedy. Re-written money mindset story - money has no intrinsic power of its own. Money is simply a form of energy; it magnifies what or who you already are. Money isn’t the root of all evil; the possession of wealth simply amplifies our character, be it positive or negative.

    Fear of Success

    My old story - success equals becoming visible, and I’m not good enough to be successful. It’s easier to hide than it is to expose myself to criticism. My new story re-written - in order to create my best work, I need to be seen. I love and accept myself; I am good enough. (My twenty year old self would squirm at the last bit).

    Increased Income Means I’ll Have Less Time

    When I started my business, it terrified the crap out of me. I thought I’d be working non-stop, with no time for friends or family. And actually, some of this is true - I have been working a lot harder than ever before (I also home school our two daughters), but I see this as part of an exciting journey. My new money story is - bringing in a healthy income enables me to live the life I want, on my and my family’s terms. Increased income means we can travel, support small businesses, donate to charity (£5-£10 of profit from each Talisman I sell goes to ROKPA charity, more about that in another blog), eat well, support our health and family, shop ethically…. etc, etc.

    Throughout my life I’ve struggled to earn anything substantial, and the money I did make seemed to easily slip through my fingers. My story was that I had decided I wasn’t good enough to possess or create wealth - I’ve uncovered so many stories that I didn’t even realise existed in my subconscious. I’ll always be working on my mindset blocks, as new issues are always being revealed, but right now I’m feeling big improvements; I’m lighter and more confident in life and in business. I don’t feel as much anxiety when I talk about my business, or when I make a social media post, or talk about my personal goals. I’m feeling ready to take on what 2018 has to offer, and in the words of Denise Duffield Thomas –

    “It’s my time now, and I’m ready for the next step.’’

    If you like the sound of uncovering  and working on some of your money mindset blocks, here’s a couple of my favourite tools that I’ve learned and used in the last couple of years. I hope you find them helpful.


    This is a ‘free’ writing exercise; basically, whatever comes into your mind write it down. For the best results, write after a given prompt - for example ‘’I want to earn (fill in the blank) this year’’. Then just write down everything that pops into your mind, all the feelings that come up in response to the prompt. Once you have your answers, look at them and ask yourself, is this really true? Have I created an internal dialogue that is holding me back from my greatest potential?

    Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’

    Created by the American psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan over 25 years ago, Tapping was further refined by Gary Craig, a Stanford-trained engineer working in the peak performance field. EFT is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. Instead, simple tapping with the fingertips is used to input kinetic energy onto specific meridians on the head and chest while you think about your specific problem - and voice positive affirmations. There’s a lot of information on EFT to be found on youtube, so I’ll leave it with you to do your own research.


    This article was written with gratitude for all the wise women that have helped guide me this far ~ I couldn't have done it without them.

    Now it’s time for your most abundant year EVER

    With love and gratitude,