"Though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being"

    Nikola Tesla

    This month I’ve selected 10 of my favourite gemstones for abundance. I’ve been using these stones for a few years now, each has its own unique quality - their commonality lies in their powerful energy to attract prosperity.

    As most of you will know - different stones have different energetic properties and affinities - citrine is a stone for prosperity, rose quartz is a stone for love and tigers’ eye is a stone for clarity. They also have a  kind of memory - though they’re unbiased to what energy they absorb - positive or negative, so most stones need to be cleansed occasionally (see below)

    It's important to remember not to rely solely on gemstones to increase your bank balance - they’re an enhancement on your journey, not a stand-alone – as the fable of Hercules and the wagoner advises –

    ‘the Gods help those who help themselves’.

    10 Amazing Gemstones for Prosperity and Success


    PERIDOT - Wealth * Manifestation * Clarity

    Peridot gemstones help to manifest goals into reality; they vibrate in the frequency of ‘increase’ and can help with the manifestation of money. Peridot represents ancestral money and affluence and if you’re struggling with debt, this is the stone for you.

    CITRINE - Money * Success * Quick Fortune

    Citrine is one of the best known stones for prosperity, known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ it attracts money and fortune like a magnet, this stone is great for people looking for success in business and career. It is said to hold the same energy as the power of the sun! Not only does it promote success in business by bringing quick fortune, it also inspires generosity and helps control the outflow of money.

    AVENTURINE- Opportunity * New Ventures * Prosperity

    Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity, great for manifesting prosperity and wealth. This gem also inspires creativity, motivation and a zest for life. Use aventurine (the name derives from the Italian word for ‘chance’) to improve good fortune at the beginning of new ventures.


    YELLOW SAPPHIRE - Fortune * New Ventures * Success

    Yellow sapphires are excellent for people beginning on a new trade as they attract fortune and success in business. This gem also helps to keep focused when putting ideas into action. This is a really positive stone - it encourages exploration and moving in new directions, bringing excitement and joyful expectation about the possibilities in life.

    GARNET Business Luck for Women * Prosperity * Courage

    Garnet is a wonderful gem to enhance business luck for women – it helps strengthen motivation, courage, inspiration and productivity. Garnet is also known as a stone of manifestation, especially for abundance, career and business – this stone helps you see a clear path toward your goals. 

    QUARTZ - Increase * New Business Luck * Amplifier of other Gemstones

    Quartz is an excellent stone for new business - from interviews to deal signing. This gem helps to manifest money and improve your overall luck. Quartz also has the ability to magnify the qualities of other gemstones in its vicinity, so pair it with another stone to amplify your luck.

    DIAMOND - Amplifier of other Gemstones * Creativity * Prosperity

    Diamonds, like quartz can be used to magnify properties of other gemstones. They help accumulate personal wealth, stimulate creativity, imagination and self expression. They are also powerful stones of manifestation.

    GREEN TOURMALINE - Growth * Prosperity * Communication

    Green Tourmaline is a stone for success in business, profits, and money - it's a magnet for abundance and success! Green Tourmaline helps channel personal energy for the accomplishment of goals, especially in the area of creativity and prosperity. The green color represents life energy, living, thriving and growing.


    TSAVORITE - Creativity * Abundance * Vitality

    Tsavorite gems enhance wealth in every respect - creative, financial, artistic and emotional. They are uplifting stones of manifestation, prosperity and vitality - these are rare stones from Kenya, considered to be one of the most powerful prosperity stones.

    RUBY - Fame * Wealth * Creativity

    Ruby is the gemstone for career success, passion and luck. It is the stone that bestows name, fame and recognition. Ruby helps manifest your goals and attracts abundance and personal power while also enhancing calmness and balance.


    Now you've chosen your stone ~

    How to Cleanse your Gemstones

    Use Other gems – Gems you could use include; amethyst, selenite, kyanite, herkimer – place on top of the stone to be cleansed and leave overnight.

    Smudge sticks – Burning sage is a powerful way to cleanse and purify gemstones (I also often use this method to cleanse vintage clothing).

    Sound – Use the Tibetan singing bowl to cleanse your gems, striking the bowl creates a sound vibration that clears away energies and programming from previous owners.

    Moonlight –Leave gems in a bowl of water under the light of the moon. It needs to be a clear night and preferably a full moon to get the most ‘pezzaz’ for your efforts.

    Earthing – Bury your gems overnight, (this is one of the methods I regularly use). Be careful with this method if you have gold plated jewellery as it may tarnish the finish, also, tie a ribbon to your piece before burying - it makes it easier to find the next day.

    How to Program your Gemstones

    Gemstones have their own metaphysical properties that work whether you program them or not. When you program a stone you’re just making the intention more powerful – before programming, make sure you’ve cleansed your stone (see above).

    Keep the intention in mind while holding the gemstone, you could also visualise what you wish for – always make sure it’s a positive intention - if in doubt, don’t do it! Blow onto the gem whist keeping your intention in mind.

    A method to program your gems for prosperity is to put it/them in a pouch with citrine stones - as you do this make your intention, then leave the pouch somewhere special overnight.

    Finally . . . .

    As always, this article was written with gratitude for all the wise friends, family and mentors who have helped guide me this far ~ I couldn't have done it without you.

    ~ Now it’s your time.

    With love and gratitude,


     P.S. As always, I love to hear your thoughts on my journal and your own stories ~ are there any stones you feel are worthy of including?

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