“Choose courage over comfort, choose whole hearts over armour, and choose the great adventure of being brave and afraid, at the exact same time.” Brene Brown

    They say the journey of self-discovery is never ending, isn’t that true? I’ve been in business for two years and still one of my biggest ‘things’ is the fear of being seen. Why did I feel uneasy when a newly acquainted friend asked to see my website? All my insecure feelings came to the fore ~ 'what if she doesn't like it?' 'what if she judges me?' 

    Apparently not feeling good enough and a perpetual striving for perfection is a common experience many people have. It's good to remember ~ none of us will reach the state of ‘perfection’ (at least in our worldly form) there’s always going to be room for improvement ~ if we don’t start, no one will benefit from experiencing what we have to offer, if we don’t ‘show up’ with our gifts we'll never enjoy the fruits of success. If you’re at a point where you’re hesitating to start something new or go to the next level, know that it isn’t going to be perfect and in order to truly progress, there are going to be some scary moments ~ we need to shine and present our authentic selves ~ we’re all perfectly imperfect and Aas Brene Brown, author of Rising Strong and The Gifts of Imperfection succinctly states ~

    “Just because we didn’t measure up to some standard of achievement doesn’t mean that we don’t possess gifts and talents that only we can bring to the world. Just because someone failed to see the value in what we can create or achieve doesn’t change its worth or ours.”

    A couple of my New Year goals are: to be courageous, to show up in new (and scary) ways and to honour my achievements.

    Before we hide our magnificent selves away ~

    1. The top regret of dying people was that they’d wished they’d had the courage to live a life that was true to themselves and not a life that was what others expected. Self-sabotage and fear stops us from truly living the life we desire.
    2. When we seek new experiences in life or new levels in business, fear of visibility can keep us locked in the perceived safety of our comfort zone.
    3. What if NOT hiding is easier than hiding?
    4. What if it’s safer to shine than it is to stay small?
    5. What if shining your authentic light it brings extra energy to show up in your truth?
    6. Aligning with your soul purpose will help you to radiate in confidence and release any limitations.
    7. Acknowledge the opinions of others, but remember they are simply opinions.
    8. Releasing the fear of being visible starts with seeing yourself through loving eyes.
    9. Know that you are worthy of being seen and being heard.
    10. Be courageous ~ step outside your comfort zone.

    Finally. . . .

    So long as we’re goodhearted, generous and do the best we can with what we have, it doesn’t matter whether or not we live up to others expectations ~ be brave and shine your ‘youness’ to the world (I'm noting this down to remind myself).

    I truly hope you found some benefit in my journal this month and you feel inspired to take positive action steps. As always I welcome feedback ~ just leave a comment in the box below.

    This journal was written with massive gratitude for all my beautiful and wise friends, family and mentors.

    ~ Now it’s your time

    With love and thanks,

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