Jesse uses traditional time honored techniques to create her jewellery – every piece is hand crafted with intention in her studio nestled in the Scottish Borders.
Early influences growing up in a Buddhist community, play an integral part in the values and ethics she instills in her jewellery business. Each piece is carefully considered, keeping in mind the interconnectedness between each other and the natural environment – from sourcing materials, through to customer relations.
Jesse’s background has also been instrumental in developing an awareness of the subtle energies that permeate all things. She works with intention on each piece, also knowing that the myths and symbols used in her designs already hold an inherent ancient vibration from our collective human consciousness.
All over the world throughout history, amulets and talismans have offered love, wealth and protection. The idea of wearing symbols as a way to encourage a desired outcome is not new, but what sets Jesse apart is her combining of an eclectic mix, elements from the Medieval period and Art Nouveau to Tibetan Geomancy and Celtic folklore with a contemporary edge.